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power unitFranklin Electrofluid Company, Inc. offers a wide variety of power units varying in size and options, from fractional horsepower to 500 horsepower. Since unit cost range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on size and application, contact Franklin's Power Unit Department or the Hydraulic Systems Coordinator in Memphis at (800) 238-7500 for specific rate and option information

These units are available from our fabrication facilities in Memphis or in Shreveport or from Continental Hydraulics, our primary pump and valve source.power unit

These units are available with electric motor drives, engine or air driven power sources. We provide convention JIC, as well as, flooded suction designs. Simple or complex units are standard for us even to pressures as high as one hundred thousand (100,000) psi.

Hydraulic systems do not have to be service problems sitting in a pool of fluid. WE design our units to provide long reliable performance with a minimum of maintenance even in harsh environments and rigorous duty requirements. Since every component eventually wears, we take special care to assemble our units to optimize the ease of component replacement and minimize potential leaks. There is no reason a hydraulic system should not operate coolly, quietly, efficiently, and virtually leak free for many, many years.power unit

Many machines operating today still have a long economic service life but are in need of repair or upgrade. Those machines were probably built with the best available technology of that time. We have successfully provided many customers with new hydraulic systems for these older machines at a fraction of the cost for new machines and achieved very impressive increases in productivity.power unit

To contact a representative about a hydraulic power unit:

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